Hugh Jackman refused to drink while filming 'The Wolverine'.

The hard-working actor was so committed to his role in James Mangold's superhero movie that he wouldn't even let one drop of beer touch his lips during the shoot, shunning everyone's attempts to get him to relax.

Asked what Hugh was like to work with, his personal trainer Michael Ryan said: ''He is the most dedicated and hardworking student I've ever had. He was constantly trying to better himself. Even if it was 5 or 6 am, he never missed a session.

''His competitive nature is very strong. And he's very demanding with himself, he refused to slack. One day I said to him, 'Come on Hugh, you can have just one beer', but he refused. I ordered one though, and he made fun of me!''

The 45-year-old actor - who has recently been treated for skin cancer on his face - also gave up all his favourite calorific treats during filming, and was working ''day and night'' to tone up his buff body.

Michael added in an interview with French website ''Two months before the film, we increased the weights training and the length of his workouts. We were training both morning and night.

''He was constantly checking his vitals and weight. He was also very careful about what he ate: less sugar, no alcohol... But he was allowed protein shakes flavoured with chocolate and coffee.''