The news that Hugh Jackman will return as Wolverine might pass some critics and fans by - those who indulge and critique the Avant-garde, anyway. But while the world cinema buffs watch black and white silent French films about immigration in the 60's, us geeks are talking X-Men. 

It seems most of the experts are pretty happy with the return of Jackman. In fact, the only person we can think of that wouldn't be happy, is Dr. Perry Cox from Scrubs, and he's as real as Wolverine. "Who wouldn't be excited by having Wolverine in an X-Men movie, since he's such a big part of the team -- but I also wonder how big a part he might actually play," says Ed Douglas of "Clearly, Fox wants to shift the focus as well as make these movies cheaper (especially since 'First Class' didn't do as well as previous 'X-Men' movies), so I don't think Wolverine will be the primary focus." 

Brett White, a columnist with a long history as an "X-Men" reader, thinks "it's entirely possible for [Wolverine] to distract from the overall story, if they make this a Wolverine and the X-Men film like the previous trilogy was," adding, "But if the film follows the original 'Days of Future Past' comic book's structure, with a team of future X-Men -- Stewart, McKellen and Jackman -- working in concert with the 'First Class' team, then I think that'll work and keep the 'First Class' characters in the forefront, where they belong." What do you think about Jackman's return as possible the most iconic of the X-Men characters? Vent your grievances or ecstasies below.