Hugh Jackman is offering first-time Oscars host Eddie Murphy the same advice funnyman Steve Martin gave him when he fronted the Academy Awards in 2009 - be funny and get to the end of the show as quickly as possible.
Murphy was confirmed as the host of the 2012 Oscars earlier this month (Sep11) and Jackman is among the stars who cannot wait to see the comedian/actor back on stage.
The X-Men star feels sure Murphy won't be coming to him for advice - but he's happy to share the best tip he received.
Jackman says, "Steve Martin gave me the best advice for hosting the Oscars. I rang him because I'm not a comedian and asked him, 'What should I do?' He said, 'Here's what you should know - the first 45 minutes are the best audience you're ever gonna get in your life, because all they're thinking is thank God it's not me up there. After those 45 minutes there's more losers than winners in the room so just hurry up and get to the end.'"
Jackman had such a blast as Oscars host, he hopes he'll be asked back: "I just hope one day I get to do it again."