Hugh Jackman is helping his overweight friend get fit for a marathon.

'The Wolverine' hunk - known for his large chest and buff body - has set Australian radio and TV personality Gus Worland the challenge of running the New York City Marathon in November, after he became concerned about him piling on the pounds.

Gus - who weighed a reported 308lbs before training - is also filming his journey to becoming fit and the build up to the race for a documentary series.

He has also been getting lot of tips from his famous friend, whom he has known since they were schoolkids.

He told Daily Mail Australia: ''Jacko and I talk a lot and as expected he is very honest and passionate with his advice.

''He's proud of me but is not concerned that I'll take over [his role as] Wolverine.''

In the documentary Gus will take on a different challenge every episode, with the finale being when he runs the marathon.

Hugh has promised that if his filming schedule allows, he will be there to cheer him over the finish line.

Gus is understood to have shed 55lbs so far, with a target of losing 88lbs in total.

Speaking about his training, he added: ''I have along way to go but I'm on the right track.''