Hugh Jackman and Olivia Newton-John have thrown their support behind a campaign to legalise gay marriage in Australia.
The Hollywood actor has given his backing to a campaign by the Australian Marriage Equality organisation which aims to give same-sex couples the right to marry Down Under.
Grease star Newton-John, who was born in England before moving to Australia as a child, is also supporting the movement and says in a statement, "With respect to marriage equality, I believe that no-one has the right to judge and deny couples who love each other the ability to make a marriage commitment. Love is love."
Australian Marriage Equality representative Alex Greenwich tells the Aap, "Australians admire celebrities like Olivia Newton-John and Hugh Jackman because they reflect our values of tolerance and a fair go for all, values which they are reminding us apply just as much to same-sex couples as to other Australians."