Hugh Hefner's history of shocking sexual escapades have been revealed in an upcoming book approved by the Playboy tycoon.
In the book, entitled Mr. Playboy: Hugh Hefner and the American Dream, author Steven Watts reveals how Hefner's penchant for multiple sex partners led him to enlist his first wife, Millie, and Playboy co-founder Eldon Sellers for a series of steamy sexual encounters.
Watts also reveals the ageing porn mogul shot and starred in his own adult movie, engaged in same-sex bedroom romps and had sex with his own sister-in-law.
In one excerpt, he writes: "(A foursome) did happen with his brother, Keith, and his wife, Rae, one evening. (But) while Millie ultimately backed out of having sex with Keith, Hugh slept with his sister-in-law."
Watts continues: "Hefner's thirst for sexual experience became so strong that he even had a one-time homosexual experience. One evening in downtown Chicago he was propositioned and, according to Sellers, he thought, 'What the hell...' As far as I know, the guy just gave him (oral sex).'"
According to the New York Post, Hefner gave Watts access to personal documents before he penned the biography, hailing its authenticity.
He says, "This is the most authoritative book ever written about me... It's all essentially true."
The book is scheduled for release in October (08).