The British actor Hugh Grant has given a rare publicity interview to a daily newspaper, to promote his latest movie, The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists (for which he provides a voice for the animated character Pirate Captain). Grant is notoriously suspicious of journalists, thanks to his involvement in the highly publicised phone-hacking scandals that have blighted the UK press.
However, despite admitting that he was less than comfortable, Grant still managed to chat openly to The Guardian about his forthcoming film as well as fatherhood - a new venture in his life. Grant revealed that he had been prepared for not being terribly enamoured by the baby when it arrived, admitting "lots of people warned me about that; they said never let anyone know, but the baby period is not that exciting. But I am excited, actually. I thought, well, I'll bluff through - but very little bluffing has been required." He then added, succinctly "I like my daughter very much." Hugh also described his daughter Tabitha's mother, Tinglan Hong - with whom he had a "fleeting affair" - as "a good person, a nice person; funny, clever, great mother" and added "she's been very badly treated by the media."