Hugh Grant has called for a full-scale investigation into the workings of the British tabloid newspaper industry following the News of the World's snooping scandal.
An inquiry into the illegal interception of cell phone voicemail messages by a private investigator working for the weekly publication became a major talking point this week (beg04Jul11) following revelations the families of murder victims and those affected by the 2005 London Underground bombings may have been targeted.
The scandal was discussed at length during a debate in the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday (06Jul11), and Notting Hill actor Grant - who earlier this year (11) wrote a magazine article on privacy issues - took the opportunity to demand a full overhaul of Britain's print media.
He joined a protest in London calling for a probe into the scandal and tells Sky News, "We need an inquiry that uncovers all the practices and indeed culture, not just at the News of the World but of all tabloid journalism in this country because what we are going to find out over the next weeks and months is that this wasn't just at the News of the World.
"I almost feel sorry for them in that they're taking the rap for the malpractices of the entire industry."