Hugh Grant will still be in action in the forthcoming third instalment of the romantic comedy 'Bridget Jones,' it's been confirmed by the film's makers - despite reports in 2009 to the contrary. The film production company Working Title Films, who are involved with the making of the next movie, released a statement through their co-chairmen Tim Bevan, who said "Reports that Hugh Grant has exited Bridget Jones's Baby are untrue." However Bevan did admit that it hadn't been plain sailing getting the film to the production stage, stating "We are still working on the script hence the delay to the start of production, but the film is going ahead as planned."
The Press Association reports that the third film will be called 'Bridget Jones Baby' and, as the title suggests, sees the main star - played again by Renee Zellweger - trying to have a baby with boyfriend Mark Darcy, seeing a returning Colin Farrell play the role, whilst Hugh Grant still loiters as the potential disruption, playing Daniel Cleaver.
Speaking to the BBC back in 2009, Grant hadn't seemed keen on returning for another sequel, citing problems with the script when it came to making the second movie - 'The Edge Of Reason,' released in 2004. "I think Bridget Jones two was a mistake, to be honest with you," he'd said, "It wasn't a very good script and I resisted it for a long time, so did Colin and so did Renee. And we got kind of conned into making it."