American shock jock Howard Stern's fame has had a negative effect on his sex life because he's been forced to stop having intercourse outdoors.

Outspoken Stern and his girlfriend Beth Ostrosky have become paranoid about making love in the open air, after discovering they were photographed during one of their sessions.

Blonde beauty Ostrosky says, "Sex outside is fun, but it's not something I can do with my boyfriend.

"Three weeks after we met, Howard rented a house in Hawaii. We fooled around outside all week long and later found out that a guy had been living in a tree the entire week taking pictures.

"I was terrified that my mom would open up some rag and see my bare breasts with a black bar across my chest.

"The photos turned out to be harmless, but since then we've been petrified to have sex outdoors. We spice it up indoors instead; I have a very creative boyfriend.

"But if you are going to do it outside, may I suggest a blanket. Unless you plan to lean your girl against a rock. You don't need a blanket for that."

While Ostrosky has been forced to ditch outdoor sex, she's more than happy with what she's learned from Stern indoors.

She adds, "I'd never experienced a sex toy before I met Howard. He's introduced me to the Pocket Rocket, and it's the greatest invention ever."

10/05/2005 09:31