New York shock jock Howard Stern was left baffled when Pamela Anderson rang up to announce her impending marriage - because she forgot to mention who the groom was. The pair have been friends for a long time and Anderson was desperate he would be one of the first to hear her happy news on Monday (17JUL06). But the former Baywatch beauty was so excited about her wedding plans she almost omitted the most important part. Stern told his Sirius radio show audience yesterday (18JUL06), "Usually when someone tells you they are getting married, you immediately know who they are marrying because there's been some sort of history with that person. "I was like, 'Gee, I don't know who she's marrying.' And halfway through the message she still hadn't mentioned who she was marrying… and I am listening, and I am going, 'I still don't know who she is marrying.' That's already a bad sign for the marriage. "Halfway through she said, 'I am marrying Bobby… you know, Bobby… Bob… Kid Rock.' She went through three or four different names. I was surprised, because I did not even know they were back together." Anderson and Kid Rock, real name ROBERT JAMES RITCHIE, will wed on 29 July (06) aboard a yacht near the posh French Riviera town. She has two sons DYLAN and BRANDON from her previous marriage to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, while Kid Rock has a son ROBERT JAMES RITCHIE JNR from a previous relationship.