Radio shock-jock Howard Stern looks to have given up on his outrageous antics, as the new Americas Got Talent judge was singing a totally different tune to the one he normally buzzes. Taking his seat next to mainstays of previous seasons Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel, Stern did shock his audience, just in way that is nothing like his usual routine. His turn on the show proves that he has a natural knack to star on the judging panel as he showed compassion, consideration and care towards the contestants on the hit show.
His praise of the Light Wire Theatre Group was particularly well natured and after hinting at the sense of patriotism he felt after seeing the performance he frankly said; "I applaud your originality and I thank you for lifting everyone's spirit." His praise continued throughout the show and for a man that many considered a poor choice for such a position, he certainly proved his worth if this is any indication of what's to come.
However, it wasn't all 'stern' and serious for the DJ, as he did show glimpses of the usual behaviour that led him to being labelled a 'shock-jock' in the first place. His outspoken comments against a semi-nude magic act that used co-judge Howie Mandel as a prop led him to buzz the act not once but twice as he lent over to press Mandel's buzzer. Even more candid was his review of a performer who told the judges his parents were dead, to which Stern replied by asking if they'd died of embarrassment.