Howard Stern made his America's Got Talent debut last night and whilst many viewers will have tuned in to see what the shock-jock would bring to the show, they were quickly reminded that you don't need Howard Stern to bring "outrageous" to America's Got Talent. The contestants have got that all sewn up, before Stern makes it anywhere near a microphone.

In amongst the terrible singers and bizarre stage acts, though, Stern used his trademark cutting humour sparingly and effectively. Reminding the viewers exactly why he was chosen to take part in the show, at one point, he delivered a one-liner that could well have been the highlight of the show. When one less-than-perfect singer took to the stage and explained that his father had died, Stern simply replied "of embarrassment?" Comedy, of course, is all about timing and Howard timed that one perfectly. Today, New York Daily News have questioned whether or not his appeal will last beyond the initial rounds of the show: "how well Stern will cut to the truth when the goofy acts have gone home and tough decisions arise between talented people with different skills?" asks D. Hinckley.

The general consensus from the major US news outlets today though, suggests that Stern is hitting the mark for most. Fears have been allayed over his potential inappropriateness and with a sigh of relief, viewers can now look forward to the coming weeks.