Howard Stern is having a ''hard time'' dealing with the death of his dog.

The 'America's Got Talent' judge and his wife Beth Ostrosky Stern were left devastated after their beloved pooch Bianca passed away aged 10 on Tuesday (17.07.12) and he admits it was hard going to work following the tragedy.

Speaking after 'America's Got Talent' auditions yesterday (18.07.12), he said: ''I love my dog and that was really rough. I'm having a hard time with it and my wife is having an even harder time and we're both just devastated.

''I'm literally devastated about it. Anyone who has a dog understands and anyone who doesn't [have a dog] doesn't understand, and that's the way it goes.''

Howard is finding it particularly difficult when he comes across reminders of his bulldog companion.

He told 'Access Hollywood': ''When I start talking about her and I think of specific things we would do together - just little rituals we would do - it gets me crazy that she's not with me.

''I walked upstairs today where she usually lies, like right in a certain spot and I was convinced I was going to see her. I really wanted to see her and she wasn't there and I lost it. It's tough.''