CONNIE HAMZY, the American woman from Arkansas who is best known as being a prominent 'groupie' and who claims to have had sexual relations with some of the world's biggest rock-stars, appeared on Howard Stern's radio show today (8th December 2010), reports
Hamzy, who was mentioned in the GRAND FUNK RAILROAD song 'We're An American Band', discussed her past relationships with high-profile musicians and Stern ran through a list that included The Who's drummer Keith Moon, country legend Willie Nelson, Kiss front-man Gene Simmons, as well as Peter Frampton and Rick Springfield. Hamzy said that her 'best ever lover' was ALEX Van Halen, drummer and co-founder of American rock-band Van Halen, because of the infatuation she had with him at the time.
Hamzy, now 56-years-old , published a memoir in 1995 entitled, 'Rock Groupie: The Intimate Adventures of 'Sweet Connie from Little Rock', which details her adventures in the rock and roll world of the 60's and 70's.