When Howard Stern was announced as one of the judges on this year's America's Got Talent, fans of the show were expecting him to bring his trademark caustic humor to the table, leaving contestants quivering in his wake. On last night's show, though (May 21, 2012), viewers were left wondering whether or not the shock-jock was really too much of a softie for the cold harsh realities of TV talent show judging.
"This job is too rough for me, I don't really wanna do it anymore," the DJ was heard to say, after making a seven year old boy cry on stage. The boy in question was the ambitious young rapper Mir Money. Howard pressed the buzzer (to signify that he wasn't impressed) whilst the kid was part of the way through his act and when Mr. Stern tried to explain why he'd done so, the young lad started bawling onstage. Keen to show that he's not the cold-hearted monster that many had feared - and some, presumably had hoped - that he would be on the show, Howard took to the stage to comfort Mir Money and calm him down.
"I'm not cut out for this, man. I'm not cut out for it. I'm shaking man, I'm shaking. I can't do it, man. I can't do it" he said afterwards. Stern might be the go-to guy for a cutting one-liner but last night he showed that even he has a heart - and he can't bear the thought of upsetting the little kiddies.