British pop stars THE Hoosiers feared their second album would never materialise because they were struck down with a bout of writers' block.
The group scored a chart hit with its debut record The Trick to Life in 2007 and they have been busy working on the follow-up for the last three years.
But the project was nearly abandoned after the musicians hit a wall and failed to create any new songs.
In a column for Britain's Daily Star, the band writes, "It's been three years since we released our last album... and for a scary moment or two we didn't think there would ever be a follow-up. We had serious writers' block for the first six months of working on the (album)... We'd sit down at the piano, or with our guitars, and try to create something but sweet FA (f**k all) would materialise. People think we're always happy, but we were getting quite fatalistic about it. Nevertheless we kept battling and about seven months in, something clicked and the songs started coming together."
The new album, The Illusion of Safety, is set for release on 16 August (10).