Sunset Strip Music Festival

The sixth edition of Hollywood's Sunset Strip Music Festival was a memorable affair with some amazing surprise features and a great show from this year's honouree Joan Jett with her band The Blackhearts.

The event took place last weekend (August 1st - 3rd) with an astounding 15,000 fans showing up to soak in the rock vibes. It kicked off on the Thursday as veteran rock chick Joan Jett was landed with the Elmer Valentine Award celebrating her influence on the Sunset Strip music scene. Following a stunning performance, the star told Rolling Stone how good it felt to be once again playing on the Strip. 'It felt really fulfilling in a lot of ways. When I left LA, it was with a hangdog vibe', she explained. 'I had the impression. of people laughing at me, saying. 'We told you girls couldn't play rock and roll'. It's very humbling. People are very sincere in their praise and you can't take it lightly.'

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