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Olin Slams 'Stupid' Pitt

Lena Olin Brad Pitt Hollywood Homicide Pamela Anderson

Swedish movie star Lena Olin has slammed Brad Pitt's legendary good looks - labelling his looks "totally stupid".

The 48-year-old Hollywood Homicide actress insists her perception of beauty is different to most people's.

She tells Swedish newspaper AFTONBLADET - as translated into English on American gossip site THE SCOOP - "What I think is beautiful isn't the ideal for many others.

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Hartnett: I Was Terrible In Wicker Park

Josh Hartnett Paul McGuigan Hollywood Homicide

Movie hunk Josh Hartnett has credited director Paul McGuigan for saving his latest film role in WICKER PARK - because the actor thinks he did a terrible job.

Hartnett admits he didn't get a chance to "flesh out" his character in the tense drama, based on cult French film L'APPARTEMENT - and, as a result, the role was tougher than expected.

But Hartnett has been saved from a potential Golden Raspberry Award thanks to THE ACID HOUSE director.

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Ford Takes Swipe At Arnie

Harrison Ford Hollywood Homicide INDIANA JONES

Hollywood favourite Harrison Ford has taken a sly swipe at California governor hopeful ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER - by praising German actors and politicians for sticking to what they're good at.

Ford is currently in Berlin as part of a promotional tour for new movie Hollywood Homicide, and when asked for his opinion on the capital city, he used his answer to mock the TERMINATOR star's political ambitions.

He told reporters, "I like Berlin because this is still a city where actors are actors and politicians are politicians."

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Ford Hits Out At Us In Iraq

Harrison Ford INDIANA JONES Hollywood Homicide Star Wars

Hollywood superstar Harrison Ford has voiced his concerns over the American-led war in Iraq.

The veteran INDIANA JONES actor said armed conflict was not the solution to Iraq's problems.

Speaking in the Spanish capital Madrid to launch his latest film, Hollywood Homicide, Ford also took a swipe at US gun laws and the 'big hit' nature of the country's film industry.

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Josh Hartnett Questions His Future

Josh Hartnett Hollywood Homicide Pearl Harbor

Smoldering screen star Josh Hartnett was so upset by the events of September 11, he took a year off from Hollywood to reconsider his career choice.

The Hollywood Homicide actor found himself questioning the validity of his job in terms of how the world had changed following the terrorist attacks on America.

Toned Josh explains, "I make enough money. But some people say, 'Grab it quickly.' Well, that's not me.

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Batman's Manor Up For Grabs

Wayne Manor Batman Hollywood Homicide

The California house known as the Wayne Manor in hit '60s TV series Batman has gone on the market for $8 million (GBP5 million).

The eight bedroom, eight bathroom Pasadena abode served as the TV home of the CAPED CRUSADER's alter ego BRUCE WAYNE, and also featured in HARRISON FORD's new movie Hollywood Homicide as a house his character went through pains to sell.

The home has appeared in more than 20 feature films, beginning in the 1930s, and has been featured in 40 commercials and dozens of TV series, including DYNASTY and MURDER, SHE WROTE.

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Josh Tops Teen Poll

Josh Hartnett Hollywood Homicide Jennifer Lopez Eminem Hilary Duff Vin Diesel Sarah Michelle Gellar Avril Lavigne Justin Timberlake

Josh Hartnett's new movie Hollywood Homicide might not be setting cinemas alight this summer (03) - but he's still teen girls' favourite film star.

The hunky PEARL HARBOR star has beaten Jennifer Lopez, newcomer Eminem and Hilary Duff to top a new poll in American teen magazine J-14.

Also included on the list of top movie stars are Vin Diesel, JENNIFER GARNER and former BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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Idle Arrested For Hooker Fun In New Movie

Eric Idle Hollywood Homicide Harrison Ford Smokey Robinson Gladys Knight Lou Diamond Phillips

Eric Idle pokes fun at celebrities who use prostitutes in a hilarious scene in new comedy Hollywood Homicide.

The former MONTY PYTHON star has a small cameo in the new Harrison Ford film - playing himself.

In the scene, Idle is arrested by cops for courting hookers, and, as he's led through a police station protesting his innocence, he's recognised by an apprehended prostitute - commenting, "Hello GLORIA," as he passes her.

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Dr Dre's Hollywood Coup

Dr Dre Hollywood Homicide Bad Boys II Harrison Ford Will Smith Eminem Nelly Lenny Kravitz Beyonce Knowles Ice Cube Eve Burt Bacharach

Rap mogul Dr Dre is becoming a Hollywood regular - after working on blockbusters Hollywood Homicide and Bad Boys II.

The hip hop superstar won a small cameo in Harrison Ford crime caper Hollywood Homicide, and is composing the film score for the Will Smith and MARTIN LAWRENCE-starring sequel.

His work on the Bad Boys II project is his debut foray into film score composition.

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Ford Wanted Hartnett To Be Mean To His Daughter

Harrison Ford Josh Hartnett Hollywood Homicide

Harrison Ford has fallen out with his latest co-star Josh Hartnett because he was too nice to his 12-year-old daughter GEORGIA.

Ford thought he was doing his daughter a huge favour when he took her to the set of Hollywood Homicide after she confessed to having a crush on Hartnett, but he was hoping the PEARL HARBOR star would be mean to her.

He jokes, "She said, 'All the girls like him. He's really a hottie.'

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