Holly Madison's baby is learning sign language.

The former Playboy model - who wed Pasquale Rotella in a lavish Disneyland wedding in September - has found a unique way to communicate with eight-month-old Rainbow Aurora.

The 33-year-old told Us Weekly magazine: ''She's got two teeth now and she's learning sign language.

''Supposedly [babies] can learn to sign before they can speak. It cuts down on a lot of the frustration time, so I've been taking her to sign language class.''

And it's meant the mother-of-one has also picked up certain words, she said: ''I've learnt eat, milk, please and Rainbow.''

Holly also recently booked her daughter to see a chiropractor to get her back adjusted.

She shared an adorable snap of Rainbow mid-treatment on her personal website, writing, ''Did you know chiropractors can adjust babies, too? One of rainbow's first appointments, after the pediatrician was with a chiropractor. She still enjoys getting adjusted today! (sic)''

As well as being a new mum, Holly says she's enjoying being a newlywed after tying the knot with Pasquale in the Blue Bayou restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland.

She added: ''I've had a lot of fun this year and a half with the baby, the wedding and travelling.''