Named after the second largest of the Marquesas Islands, Scottish trio Hiva Oa are set to release their new double A-side single 'Badger'/ 'Urban' on December 10th 2012 through mini50records. The single follows the release of their debut album 'The Awkward Hello, Handshake, Kiss' which came out in the summer 2012.

'Badger's dreamlike quality is reflected through the slightly unusual composition of the video. At some moments, images are speeded up, and for the majority of the video it appears as if the subject is unmoving while the rest of the video is a shaky pan through some city streets as though he is walking through, but in actual fact he isn't. Watching the video, it's difficult to pick out what is meant to be happening and what isn't but then that's the whole point. Just as the track has the same repetitive hum all the way through while Stephen Houlihan's vocals echo almost ethereally creating an almost trance-inducing sound, we are led to believe it is meant to create the feeling of a dream.

Stephen, Christian Smallwood and Marco Calderone (from Ireland, Belgium and Italy respectively) have not had the most relaxing of years this year with their new album and not to mention their new EP 'Future Nostalgia For Sale', however this hasn't stopped them making plans for yet another single and EP to come next year.

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