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Dempsey's Clinton Apology

24th September 2008

GREY'S ANATOMY star PATRICK DEMPSEY has apologised to U.S. politician HILLARY CLINTON for jokes made at her expense in his recent movie MADE OF HONOR. The film opened with a gag about Clinton's husband Bill's...

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Nbc Tries To Yank Youtube Snl Clip

16th September 2008

NBC on Monday sent take-down notices to YouTube as Saturday Night Live fans posted clips of last weekend's Saturday Night Live sketch featuring former SNL head writer and 30 Rock star Tina Fey doing a...

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Faux Palin And Real Palin Dominate

15th September 2008

A hilarious opening sketch featuring 30 Rock star and former Saturday Night Live head writer Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton helped push ratings for Saturday Night Live to their...

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Sarandon Hits Out At 'Whiner' Clinton

4th September 2008

SUSAN SARANDON has launched a scathing attack on former presidential hopeful HILLARY CLINTON, branding her a "whiner" for allegedly blaming sexism for her failure to land the Democratic nomination. The actress has vowed never to...

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Rapper Ludacris Slammed For Attacking Obama Opponents

31st July 2008

US presidential hopeful Barack Obama has criticised Ludacris after the rapper released a song attacking the Democratic senator's opponents.A track entitled Politics As Usual, included on the Gangsta Grillz: The Preview mixtape, Ludacris says Republican...

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The Things They Say 8724

27th June 2008

"You see how far hip-hop has moved into mainstream culture? Before, the type of presidential candidate we have wouldn't even have heard a record like DIRT OFF YOUR SHOULDER." JAY-Z is impressed by U.S. presidential...

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Did Media Write Clinton Out Of Race?

10th June 2008

A report by the Project for Excellence in Journalism has documented that during the last two months of the Democratic primary campaign in April and May, the television networks devoted more time to speculation about...

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Disunion Over Sag "Solidarity"

10th June 2008

Although it was scheduled to hold a "solidarity" rally in Los Angeles this morning (Monday), the Screen Actors Guild was being accused of disruptive tactics aimed at dominating union affairs in the industry in general...

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Shepherd Devastated About Clinton News

6th June 2008

Actress CYBILL SHEPHERD is devastated HILLARY CLINTON has pulled out of the U.S. presidential race and fought back tears when she spoke about the news item on TV. Shepherd was promoting her upcoming guest spot...

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Martin Helped Clinton To Victory In Puerto Rico

2nd June 2008

Crooner RICKY MARTIN is claiming credit for Senator HILLARY CLINTON's success in the Puerto Rican primary on Sunday (1Jun08) after he delivered a rousing speech encouraging his countrymen to offer her their support. The 35-year-old,...

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Eastwood Encourages Clinton

22nd May 2008

Veteran actor CLINT EASTWOOD has urged presidential hopeful HILLARY CLINTON to keep fighting in the ongoing race leading up to the next U.S. election. The Dirty Harry star, a supporter of Republican presidential candidate John...

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Eagles Star Henley Pays Tribute To Mccain

22nd May 2008

U.S. presidential hopeful JOHN MCCAIN has picked up an odd endorsement as he prepares to battle either HILLARY CLINTON or BARACK OBAMA - from EAGLES star DON HENLEY. While many celebrities are flocking to support...

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Pundits Ponder Primaries

7th May 2008

Hillary Clinton canceled media appearances and other engagements for the day in order to assess the results of Tuesday's primary results. With Barack Obama surpassing analysts' projections in North Carolina and losing in Indiana by...

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The Things They Say 8164

30th April 2008

"HILLARY should wear Versace - a dress, not trousers. She doesn't need to wear trousers to show she's strong." Fashion queen DONATELLA VERSACE wants to dress U.S. presidential hopeful and former First Lady HILLARY CLINTON....

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Chris Wallace's "Obama Watch" Pays Off

25th April 2008

After 772 days of trying, Chris Wallace has finally landed Barack Obama as a guest on his Fox News Sunday. Wallace, who began an "Obama Watch," counting the days since he said Obama first told...

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West Wing's Sheen Backs Obama For President

24th April 2008

Venerable Hollywood actor Martin Sheen has publicly backed Barack Obama as the Democratic party's presidential nominee for the first time.Campaign groups representing Obama and his rival Hillary Clinton had both previously approached the 67-year-old seeking...

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Couric's Newscast Falls To New Low

23rd April 2008

While CBS News executives continue to point out that it took Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings a long time to climb to the top of the ratings, the latest Nielsen results show Katie Couric climbing...

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Couric Loses Chance To Moderate Democratic Debate

22nd April 2008

Katie Couric's hopes of finally being able to moderate a Democratic presidential debate were dashed Monday when the North Carolina Democratic Party canceled the debate she had hoped to co-host on Sunday, citing the lack...

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Moore Slams Clinton

22nd April 2008

Filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE has launched a scathing attack on U.S. presidential hopeful HILLARY CLINTON - calling the politician a "bigot stoking the fires of stupidity". The Oscar-nominated director's latest movie Captain Mike Across America, follows...

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Clinton Honoured To Be Related To Jolie + Madonna

21st April 2008

U.S. presidential hopeful HILLARY CLINTON is delighting in reports she's a distant cousin of both MADONNA and ANGELINA JOLIE. The Democrat admits she's "thrilled" by a new family tree study that links her to the...

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Sir Elton John's Clinton Concert Row

18th April 2008

SIR ELTON JOHN's fundraising event for HILLARY CLINTON has been questioned by an American government watchdog, because the singer is not a U.S. citizen. A New York concert the rocker staged last week (9Apr08) raised...

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Abc Debate Panned -- But Ratings Soar

17th April 2008

Washington Post TV critic Tom Shales has decried ABC's handling of Wednesday night's debate between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, calling it "another step downward for network news." Shales lashed out at the network's "usually...

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British Waters Blasts Clinton, Backs Obama

12th April 2008

Former PINK FLOYD rocker ROGER WATERS is praying U.S. presidential hopeful HILLARY CLINTON doesn't get into The White House - because he's certain she'll start a war with Iran. The British bassist hopes Clinton's Democrat...

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John Slams Reagan At Clinton Fundraiser

10th April 2008

LATEST: SIR ELTON JOHN used his HILLARY CLINTON fundraising concert in New York to hit out at ex-U.S. President RONALD REAGAN's failure to help AIDS sufferers. The British rocker's gig at the Radio City Music...

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Elton Raises $2.5 Million For Clinton Campaign

10th April 2008

SIR ELTON JOHN has helped raise more than $2.5 million (GBP1.25 million) for HILLARY CLINTON's presidential campaign. The Rocket Man performed at a concert, entitled 'Elton and Hillary: One Night Only', at the Radio City...

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Tibet, Darfur Protests Not Scaring Off Olympics Advertisers

8th April 2008

NBC chief Jeff Zucker said Monday that Olympics advertisers have shown "no discomfort" over growing political protests connected with China's human-rights record regarding Tibet and Darfur. In an interview with Reuters, Zucker that that ad...

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Lee Supports 'Fan' Obama

7th April 2008

Movie director SPIKE LEE is switching his allegiance from HILLARY CLINTON to her Democrat Presidential rival BARACK OBAMA, after discovering the Illinois Senator is a fan of his films. Lee backed Bill Clinton in two...

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The Things They Say 7830

2nd April 2008

"Ah yes. HILLARY CLINTON. My groupie, as I call her now." ROLLING STONES rocker KEITH RICHARDS on the U.S. presidential candidate, who also makes a cameo appearance in SHINE A LIGHT, MARTIN SCORSESE's new film...

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Smith's Name Added To Passport Investigation

27th March 2008

U.S. officials fear tragic model ANNA NICOLE SMITH's passport has been improperly accessed, joining presidential candidates HILLARY CLINTON, JOHN MCCAIN and BARACK OBAMA on the list of targets. The passport information of famous Americans has...

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The Things They Say 7744

26th March 2008

"I support her because I say, ''Hos before bros!'" ROSEANNE BARR explains her decision to back U.S. presidential candidate HILLARY CLINTON ahead of her Democratic rival BARACK OBAMA.

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