Hilary Duff, the American actress and singer, has revealed that she wrote her debut novel 'Elixir', while trying to plan her wedding to professional hockey star MIKE COMRIE. The 23-year-old married in August 2010 but said that the publishing deadlines were becoming stressful as she tried to organise her big day.
Speaking about her publisher Simon & Schuster, Duff told the Associated Press, "They were very good to me during the writing process and very lenient with dates and stuff until the very end. Then it got hectic", before adding, "I was planning the wedding, and there's deadlines with that, too, like getting the location and getting your dress at a certain time". Despite being 23-years-old, Duff says that she's not quite ready to grow up in terms of what she reads, saying, "I love reading young adult books even though I'm a little older than the set demographic for YA".
'Elixir', which hit stores yesterday (12th October 2010) is the story of a young photojournalist named 'Clea Raymond', whose photographs appear to have mystery images in them that weren't originally there. Her father than disappears and an adventure unravels as Clea searches for the truth.