Henry Holland has reinvented Mario's dungarees to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of 'Super Mario Bros.'.

The 32-year-old fashion designer was asked to create his own unique pair of dungarees to commemorate the landmark date and he used his own memories of playing the Nintendo game series as a child to inspire his mushroom power-up covered garment.

Speaking about his design, Holland said: ''The inspiration behind the Dungarees is Mario himself and my personal memories of playing Mario non-stop as a kid! I was obsessed with killing Bowser and finding out all the new cheats and secret levels. I spent several years of my life trying to get as many mushroom lives as I could so I covered my dungarees with the very same emblem!''

Holland was one of 10 designers who was asked to upgrade Mario's traditional blue overalls for the anniversary.

Giles Deacon, Marques Almeida, Charlie May and Zandra Rhodes are among the other designers who contributed their own unique take on the heroic plumber's clothes.

All the dungaree designs can be bid for on eBay (www.ebay.com/usr/supermariodungarees) until September 24 with all proceeds going to the Starlight Children's Foundation - which grants once-in-a-lifetime wishes for seriously and terminally ill children to provide families with happy memories to share.

Speaking about his Spiny-inspired dungarees, Deacon said: ''I loved the idea of creating my own pair of Super Mario dungarees, as it's been such an iconic game over the past few decades and wanted to put my stamp on it. We chose to keep the dungarees simple, with white working as a canvas for our embroidered 'Spiny' emblazoned on the front. Spiny is one of my favourite characters from playing Super Mario Bros. in the 80's, these characterful naughty quadrupeds never fail to amuse me and are difficult to kill!''

The one-off collaboration also marks the launch of the latest title in the 'Super Mario' franchise - 'Super Mario Maker' for the Wii U.

The new game - which has been launched to coincide with the 30th anniversary of 'Super Mario Bros.' - is the first in the series that allows players to create and design their own levels, breaking the usual Mario rules.

Players can also share courses with friends, family and other Wii U owners across the world.

'Super Mario Maker' is available now.