So with the Man Of Steel trailer finally revealed yesterday, what did it tell us about what we can expect about the forthcoming film, starring Henry Cavill as Superman, Russell Crowe as Jor-El and Kevin Costner as his adopted dad Jonathan Kent?

So the first thing that was noticeable to us was that the actual name Superman is never mentioned, in fact there’s what is surely an explicit tease when the Amy Adams-starring Lois Lane asks Cavill’s character what his name is, only for him to get cut off by a disturbance as he’s about to answer. Something else noticeable is that there isn’t any sign of the Daily Planet in the three minute clip. We’re drawing these things together because it suggests that Man Of Steel (note: no Superman in the title) seems to be actively moving away from the comic books in its portrayal of the superhero character. We can’t say we blame them; the comic books by their nature of the period they came out in were far more child-aiming affairs, and though gritty in their own right – which is why their success spread to a wide demographic – they still contained some elements that are perhaps on the light and even dated side (the chance of being able to hold down a job as a full-time print journalist for one, never mind one that disappears every now and then to save the earth.)

It would seem that this is a conscious effort on director Zack Snyder’s part to give Man Of Steel a darker, more separate feel from the series, to the extent that the only clear link in the trailer to the Superman of old are the glimpses of Cavill on the red and blue suit.

Watch the trailer for Man Of Steel below.