Audiences got their first look at 'Superman: Man of Steel', starring Henry Cavill, when Warner Bros premiered two teaser trailers for ZACK SYNDER's new movie this week. The trailers- one of which was shown before The Dark Knight Rises in cinemas this weekend - focuses on the advice given to Clark Kent by his fathers on both Krypton, and Earth.
'Man of Steel' is Warner's latest attempt to bring Superman to the big screen and perhaps create a money-making franchise, like the recent Spider-Man or Batman movies. The studio enlisted writer-director Bryan Singer to make Superman Returns in 2006, and the film performed reasonably well though received mixed reviews. After his huge success with the Batman franchise, Warners hired Christopher Nolan to executive produce the new version of Superman. With 'Batman Begins', 'The Dark Knight' and now 'The Dark Knight Rises', Nolan used complex narratives, clever dialogue and endless twists and turns to make a comic-book franchise for a modern audience - perhaps he will do the same with Superman? Elsewhere in the new trailer, the superhero breaks the sound barrier as he rockets into the sky. The man trusted with the job of playing Superman is British star Cavill, previously best known for his role in the Showtime series 'The Tudors', though he also appeared in 'The Count of Monte Cristo'.
Superman fans still have a long wait for 'Man of Steel', which isn't scheduled for release until June 14, 2013.