New movie Superman Henry Cavill has a new enemy in the real world as his blockbuster Man Of Steel opens across the globe - Hindus.

Religious leaders have taken aim at the British actor for suggesting his superhero character is like a Hindu god.

Promoting the film last week (ends07Jun13), Cavill said, "India has a rich mythology and they're both (Superman and Hindu mythology) rooted in the same thing - hope and goodness."

His seemingly harmless comment has upset Hindu leaders, who are not happy with the idea Cavill's comic book character is similar in any way to their deities.

Angry Hindu statesman Rajan Zed tells Wenn, "Comparing gods with a human-created comic book fictional character is a trivialisation of all-powerful God, to whom we owe our existence. Superman, at most is a cultural icon, while God produced and sustained the world and was the source of being and life.

"Hindus offer prayers to our deities and worship them. It was insensitive for Cavill to drag them in comparison with an earthly character, thus hurting the feelings of the devotees."