Henry Cavill was mocked because of his weight as a child.

The 'Man From U.N.C.L.E.' actor has always been an ''indulger'' and not able to restrict himself, and as a result was a ''prime target'' for teasing because of his ''rolls of fat''.

He said: ''They used to call me fat Cavill. I was a prime target for them. I actually had rolls of fat on me. One guy told me I had t*ts.

''I was a big eater, and I still love food.

''I'm still an indulger, in alcohol, in food, in all things that I enjoy in life. I've never been able to do things in half measures. That's probably why I was a fat kid. They also called me a 'lemon,' a guy who gets nowhere with the girls.''

The 32-year-old hunk is currently single but he is keen to settle down and raise a family, though he doesn't enjoy dating in America.

He explained to Men's Fitness magazine: ''American dating is like carpet bombing.

''You date 16 women all at once and eventually one of them is supposed to pop out of the crowd? I can't do that.

''I'm 32 years old. I do want to find a wife and raise a family. I prefer the British way: get talking and see what happens, one at a time.''