Henry "Fat" Cavill as he was cruelly nicknamed was born on Jersey (UK) 30 years ago. A picture of teenage Cavill has emerged, where the youngster in his Cricket whites looks entirely different to the actor we see on screen today. 

He has reached heights far beyond his expectations, even entering outer space in Superman: Man of Steel. He auditioned for the last Superman film but lost the part to Brandon Routh.  Perhaps this was fortunate as the film was a flop and Routh has since disappeared into obscurity.

The Tudors' star gave an interview with Details magazine in which he discussed his gruelling daily work-outs to acquire a superheroes' body. Cavill resented the training and throughout wanted "to get the fish and chips". (For our American readers: Fish and Chips are an English 'delicacy' in which cod or haddock is fried in batter and large amounts of oil before being drenched with vinegar, salt and ketchup - the point being it's not at all healthy). 

To see the picture of 'Fat Cavill' click here. 

His co-star Amy Adams (Julie and Julia), who plays Louis Lane, says the success of Cavill as Superman is down to, not only the fact he is super-humanly "good looking", but that he has a "hint of danger" and a "steeliness" which adds a sense of depth to his character. 

For a man who has become one of the most famous on our planet, Cavill is down to earth and discusses his loneliness at boarding school. He also freely admits he was playing World of Warcraft when he found out he had the part. All of which compliments perfectly the lonely and ever so slightly geeky Clark Kent. 

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Cavill has also been praised by his co-star Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire) who says the actor "just carries [his role and the resulting fame] it like a champ". Certainly the rest of the world seems to agree with Superman: Man of Steel making $200.3 worldwide within 4 days of its release in cinemas. 

Sadly for any of those fixated with the beautiful Cavill, he is currently dating Gina Carano, an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter who has been rumoured to be up for Wonder Woman in an upcoming film.

Superman: Man of Steel is currently out in US and UK cinemas. 

Michael ShannonMichael Shannon, who plays Superman's arch-nemisis Zod, at the Superman World Premiere in New York

Amy AdamsAmy Adams at the Superman World Premiere in New York