Henry Cavill wanted to portray Superman's ''honesty'' in 'Man of Steel'.

The British actor plays the Marvel superhero in Zack Synder's upcoming action film and was researched his role thoroughly to ensure he gives a performance which will please die-hard fans.

He said: ''My goodness, a lot of preparation went into this role! I chose which material I wanted to draw from and that was basically the source material, the comic books.

''I didn't want to draw from previous TV shows or movies because those are other filmmaker's interpretations of this character.

''There's an honesty to Superman and the want and will do the right thing - that's all I tried to portray. I just thought - go to the source material, read some stuff in time for the screen test and provide an honest, straightforward, humble character.''

While Henry, 29, felt a weight on his shoulders with the greatly anticipated role, instead of crumbling under the pressure, he focused on the time and effort he put into the part - which he knows will pay off.

He added: ''There's the opportunity to feel a lot of pressure, but I try and avoid that because the one lesson I've learned is I've done all the work now.

''There's no need to do anything but just work hard and strive towards victory. If I let pressure play a factor, it would be a detriment to my work and my personality.''