Helena Bonham Carter likes being disfigured.

The 'Alice in Wonderland' actress insists she had no problems sporting an enlarged head for her role as the Red Queen in her partner Tim Burton's new movie and thinks the director enjoy manipulating her appearance.

She said: "I like being disfigured and employed not because of how I look.

"I think Tim always thought my head was too small. I feel honoured I still feature in his imagination even though he knows me inside out."

Helena has also admitted she took inspiration for the character from her two-year-old daughter Nell.

The actress - who also has six-year-old Billy with Tim - explained: "I thought well she's a toddler, because she's got the big head, she's a tyrant - a toddler tyrant, toddlers are tyrants. There's no sympathy for any other living creature - that's our toddler in fact. No empathy, just commands. She just bosses us around - dictatorship. No please, no thank you. 'Mummy come here, Mummy go, Mummy! Watch telly.' So the toddler thing was a big inspiration."