Dame Helen Mirren found the original 'Arthur' "slightly offensive".

The Oscar-winning actress stars in the 2011 remake alongside Russell Brand and while she isn't a huge fan of political correctness, she is pleased the new version is more respectful towards women than the 1981 film.

She told Britain's OK! magazine: "I found the original film slightly offensive on that level. I don't like political correctness as such, as it can just be paralysing. Life is wild, raw, uncomfortable, savage and interesting. I don't like the political correctness that attempts to tame out natural, real life. But yeah, times are different, and certainly attitudes to alcohol have changed and they have towards women, too."

Helen says she loved working with fellow Brit Russell on the movie - which originally starred Dudley Moore - and believes her co-star has changed Hollywood's attitude to UK men.

She said: "For such a long time, the Americans just saw Englishmen as these slightly effete sort of wimpy guys. Now Russell has changed the attitude single-handedly!"