Dame Helen Mirren has had many memorable performances in her illustrious acting career, but the most important one could arguably be the portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in 2006's 'The Queen', in which she received an Oscar for.

Queen Elizabeth
Mirren will play Queen Elizabeth II in 'The Audience'

The historical drama depicts the death of Princess Diana on August 31st 1997 and upon its release, the critics heavily praised Mirren's performance.

The British actress has since took on the same role last year in the West End production of 'The Audience,' but this time around she played the Queen over a 60 year period, as the play follows the private meetings between her majesty and the British Prime Ministers.

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For Mirren's performance in 'The Audience,' written by Peter Morgan, she received a prestigious Olivier Award and was also named Best Actress at the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards last November (2013).

"I've always felt playing her majesty that it's actually her majesty who's winning the award and not me," she said of her awards at the time. "I did feel very much doing a play that the response to the play was as much a response to that person, that extraordinary woman, as it was to my performance. But I should be very proud."

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As this play was such a success, Mirren and the rest of the cast will be bringing it to Broadway early next year, with previews beginning on February 17th at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater, and will officially open on March 8th.