Dame Helen Mirren's play about Queen Elizabeth II is to be changed before it lands on Broadway amid fears American audiences might not recognise the British prime ministers featured in the story.

Mirren reprises her role as the British monarch in The Audience and the story focuses on her interactions with 12 political leaders, including Winston Churchill, Tony Blair and current incumbent David Cameron.

However, writer Peter Morgan has been tweaking the script prior to the play's Broadway debut to make sure U.S. audiences don't get confused.

He tells the New York Times, "We are not throwing out two prime ministers and putting two others in, but we are making constant refreshments. Just tightening the nuts one more time."

Mirren also insists that the political nature of the play should not put off potential theatre-goers, adding, "Even if you have no understanding of the (British political) system or the chronology of British prime ministers, the play is very funny, and it gives you a growing realisation of what this woman has been through and experienced. This builds over two hours as you get an understanding of the variety and length of this woman's reign."

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