Dame Helen Mirren fixes things in Winona Ryder's home.

The 'Queen' actress and her husband Taylor Hackford rent a property to the 42-year-old screen beauty and the Oscar winner is always on hand to do emergency DIY if something breaks in the property.

And the 'Turks & Caicos' star admits she is a little in awe of her multi-talented and famous landlady.

Winona told Red magazine: ''She and Taylor Hackford have this mansion and I rent a little cottage in the back. If I'm having a problem with the house, she'll come up and fix it.

''She is everything you would hope she'd be, wonderful, warm and funny. I had to tell her that I love 'Prime Suspect' so much that for 10 years I stayed in hotels under the name DCI Jane Tennison.''

Winona also revealed she feels ''liberated'' now as she has finally shed herself of the ''anxiety'' that plagued her during her younger years.

She said: ''It's so liberating when you get over that anxious feeling you constantly have when you're younger. I was about 38 when it happened.

''You watch younger friends go through it and there's nothing you can do. It's like when someone's in a bad relationship and you know there's nothing you can say that's going to make them leave but they'll get there on their own.

''I've been there. We've all been there. You're not ready until you're ready.''