Dame Helen Mirren thinks 'The Tempest' will be more popular than 'Avatar' in 20 years time.

The 65-year-old actress - who appears alongside British comedian Russell Brand in the big screen adaptation of the William Shakespeare classic - explained while the Oscar-winning movie will be "old hat" in two decades, 'The Tempest' will still be as "fresh" as it is today.

She said: "The great thing about doing Shakespeare is that on film, you know that in 20 years time when 'Avatar' - which incidentally, don't get me wrong, I think was a groundbreaking, brilliant film - but it will be kind of old hat.

"'The Tempest' will be watched as fresh in 20 years time as it is for anyone watching it today."

The Oscar-winning star hopes the new movie will encourage children and young people to enjoy Shakespeare, as seeing the romance on the big screen will make 'The Tempest' seem "alive and real".

Speaking to British TV show 'Daybreak', Helen added: "Honestly, I don't think kids should be made to read Shakespeare at all.

"I think children's very first experience of Shakespeare should always be in performance, in the theatre, or on film. Mostly in theatre, but it should be a performance because that makes it alive and real."