Dame Helen Mirren says success comes with ''struggle''.

The 68-year-old actress - who is set to be honoured with the Fellowship Award at the BAFTAs this Sunday (16.02.14) for her contribution to the film industry - insists she has experienced both ''glorious success'' and ''disastrous failure'' in her career, but thinks her self-criticism has inspired her to keep trying.

Speaking on British talk show 'Lorraine', she explained: ''You never know why the trajectory of your life has led you to any particular point, whether it was glorious success or disastrous failure - I've experienced both. But certainly I think, a hardened process has to be there ... although obviously with that comes a thought process because there is always self-doubt, self-criticism and struggle. Struggle is a part of the process.''

Helen also insists a good work ethic, including being punctual and considerate, will help anyone make it in the industry.

She added: ''Also, I think it's incredibly important to turn up on time and be a good team player.''

Helen played Britain's Queen Elizabeth II in 'The Audience' - which won her a Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress - and claims since then she has become attached for the monarch.

The actress - who also portrayed Elizabeth in 2006 film 'The Queen' - added: ''Well, she's not attached to me but I am sort of attached to her. In some invisible way and certainly when I die, the fact that I played the Queen will be remembered.''