If there’s one thing you don’t do, it’s make a load of noise while Helen Mirren is doing her best to portray The Queen. That’s what troupe of performers outside London’s Gielgud theatre did, and they had to deal with Mirren herself.

Fully clad in regal attire – pearl necklace, tiara and all the trimmings – Mirren stormed out of the theatre to give those pesky dancers and drummers a piece of her mind. “She was a real pro, she saved the day,’ said Mr Scotchbrook, a 43-year-old communications consultant from Buckinghamshire tolfd The Daily Mail. “The noise was really irritating, but she didn’t get ruffled on stage. In the interval I went out and tried to ask the drummers to move on, to no effect. I don’t think they realised they could be heard inside the theatre.” Mark Williams, head of marketing at festival organiser Orange Nation, said: “We are terribly upset if we caused her any distress. If she’d like to attend the festival she’d be more than welcome.”

One of the parade organisers said: ‘She stomped out and shrieked, “Quiet! I’m trying to do a play in here! People have paid a lot of money for tickets”. In the play - written by Peter Morgan - Mirren returns to her Oscar-winning performance as the Queen. The Audience depicts the Queen in conversation with the many prime ministers who have served throughout her reign.

Helen MirrenHelen Mirren and Luke Treadaway - The Olivier Awards held at the Royal Opera House