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Sugababes Fight For Name

19th May 2010

The Sugababes have started legal proceedings against former band member Mutya Buena over the use of the name. The pop trio - Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah and Jade Ewen - and their label Island Records...

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Heidi Range's Crying Boyfriend

11th April 2010

Heidi Range's fiance cries to impress her.TV presenter Dave Berry - who proposed to the Sugababes star earlier this year - tries to show his softer side as he knows it's something the singer likes.He...

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Jay-z Drops Sugababes?

26th March 2010

Jay-Z has reportedly dropped the Sugababes from his record label.The music mogul signed the British girl group up last year for a three-album deal but now the trio - Amelle Berrebah, Heidi Range, and Jade...

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Heidi Range Fears Bridal 'Mess'

19th March 2010

Heidi Range is terrified she'll look a "mess" when she gets married.The Sugababes singer got engaged to long-term beau Dave Berry on New Year's Eve (31.12.09) and are planning to wed in October 2011, but...

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Sugababes Star Range Accepted Proposal In Her Pyjamas

16th March 2010

HEIDI RANGE's New Year's Eve (31Dec10) proposal from her boyfriend DAVE BERRY was far from glamorous - the TV presenter popped the question while the SUGABABES star was in her "pyjamas putting the washing on".The...

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Excited Bride-to-be Heidi Range

15th March 2010

Heidi Range can't wait to get married.The Sugababes singer - who recently got engaged to British TV presenter Dave Berry - has started planning her nuptials and admits she has never been happier than since...

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Money Can't Buy Amelle Berrabah Happiness

12th March 2010

Sugababes singer Amelle Berrabah says money doesn't make you happy.The pop star spent time in an Austrian recovery centre last November to be treated for stress and exhaustion and insists it is a myth that...

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Heidi Range Pines For Tea

11th March 2010

Heidi Range says the things she most misses about home when she is on tour are cups of tea.The Sugababes singer enjoys jetting around the world but claims she can't find anywhere in other countries...

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Sugababes Dismiss Buena's Name Battle

4th March 2010

SUGABABES star HEIDI RANGE has brushed off former member MUTYA BUENA's attempts to claim ownership of the band's name, insisting it is record label bosses who own the title.Buena, a founding member of the British...

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Mutya Buena Wants Sugababes Name

4th March 2010

Former Sugababes star Mutya Buena has made a legal bid for ownership of the band's name.The 'Real Girl' singer - who quit the girl group in 2005 to pursue a solo career - has filed...

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Heidi Range's Sugababes Stress

28th February 2010

Heidi Range claims life was "unbearable" with Keisha Buchanan. The Sugababes - who underwent their fourth line-up last year when founding member Keisha was ousted and replaced by star Jade Ewen - are on "equal...

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Sugababes Most Mature Album

23rd February 2010

Sugababes reckon they have finally grown up on their latest album. The girl group - which features Heidi Range, 26, Jade Ewen, 22, and Amelle Berrabah, 25 - said their forthcoming record, 'Sweet 7' shows...

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Sugababes' Bum Bonding

13th February 2010

Heidi Range bonded with Jade Ewen by "slapping her a**e."The Sugababes stars came up with a novel way of getting to know each other better when Jade - who previously sang for Britain in the...

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Heidi Range's Winter Wedding

11th February 2010

Heidi Range is planning a winter wedding.The Sugababes singer - who recently got engaged to British TV presenter Dave Berry - is "obsessed" with her upcoming nuptials and hopes to tie the knot next year.She...

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Range Eyed Sugababes Walk-out Before Buchanan

5th February 2010

KEISHA BUCHANAN only left British girl group the SUGABABES because record label bosses refused to let the other two members quit the line-up, according to HEIDI RANGE.Tensions between the Push The Button hitmakers reached fever...

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Jade Ewen Saved By Sugababes

31st January 2010

Jade Ewen admits the Sugababes saved her career.The 21-year-old singer - who joined the ever-changing girl band last year after Keisha Buchanan was ousted from the group - admitted her pop star ambitions were floundering...

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Berrabah To Sing At Range's Wedding

27th January 2010

SUGABABES star HEIDI RANGE has asked bandmate AMELLE BERRABAH to help celebrate her wedding - by serenading her and husband-to-be DAVE BERRY on the big day.The Push the Button hitmaker and MTV presenter Berry became...

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Heidi Range's Happy Holiday

31st December 2009

Heidi Range's best New Year's Eve was spent in Dubai.The Sugababes singer loved getting the opportunity to have a holiday with her long-term boyfriend, TV presenter Dave Berry, because one of them is usually working...

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Sugababes Stateside Resolution

31st December 2009

The Sugababes have made a resolution to crack the US in the New Year. The British girl group - who have had a difficult year after the last remaining original member Keisha Buchanan left the...

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Jade Ewen's Gift Request

24th December 2009

Jade Ewen wants socks for Christmas. The 'About A Girl' singer - who joined Sugababes in September after former member Keisha Buchanan was ousted from the group amid allegations that she bullied her bandmates -...

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Jade Ewen's Solo Sugababes Songs

20th December 2009

Jade Ewen's solo songs may end up on the next Sugababes album. The former Eurovision singer, who joined the group in September after the departure of the only remaining original member Keisha Buchanan, insists she...

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Silent Sugababe Mutya Buena

15th December 2009

Mutya Buena never plans to speak to her former Sugababes bandmate Heidi Range again.The 'Real Girl' singer has hit out against Heidi insisting she has no plans to make contact with her since Mutya's fellow...

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Sugababes Feel Brand New

25th November 2009

The Sugababes feel like a new band.The 'About a Girl' hitmakers feel like a completely different group since their recent line-up change and have enjoyed familiarising themselves with their older records and getting to know...

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Keisha Buchanan Reunites With Mutya

24th November 2009

Keisha Buchanan has confirmed she is working with her former Sugababes bandmate Mutya Buena again.The singer has previously quashed speculation she is set to reunite with the original line-up of the girl group - which...

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Jade Ewen Too Busy For Boys

23rd November 2009

Sugababes star Jade Ewen wants to find a boyfriend - but doesn't have the time to look.The sexy singer - who recently joined the pop band following the departure of founding member Keisha Buchanan -...

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Sugababes' Stand-in Stars

14th November 2009

Sugababes used body doubles in a music video when their feuding was at its worst.The British girl band - who had a line-up change recently after months of rowing and strained relations - were forced...

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Amelle Berrabah Happy Again

13th November 2009

Amelle Berrabah feels "cleansed" after her recent stint in a clinic.The Sugababes singer - who was omitted to a centre last month after the pressures of the band's recent line-up change took their toll -...

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Furious Range Slams Sugababe Reunion Rumours

6th November 2009

SUGABABES star HEIDI RANGE is fuming over a string of rumours the original bandmembers will reunite to form a rival group - branding the stories "unfair".The Push The Button hitmakers were formed in 1998 by...

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Little Boots In Sugababes Plea

5th November 2009

Little Boots wants to join the original Sugababes.The 'Meddle' singer said she would love to join the girl group's original line-up - Keisha Buchanan, Mutya Buena, and Siobhan Donaghy - if they have a reunion.She...

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Keisha Buchanan Forgives Sugababes

29th October 2009

Keisha Buchanan has forgiven the Sugababes.The singer - who was ousted from the girl band last month after months of bitter feuds - insists she holds "no hard feelings" towards her former bandmates Amelle Berrabah...

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