Celebrity Masterchef - one of the most easy watching and addictive programmes on television - is back! It all got underway on Wednesday night (July 31, 2013) with a spurious group of famous chefs including comedian Katy Brand, former Sugababe Heidi Range and Jo Wood. Yes, that Jo Wood. The ex-wife of Ronnie Wood.

However, it was the ballsy journalist Janet Street-Porter who emerged as a potential winner, "She knows how to bone a duck," mused the pensive John Torode as the former newspaper editor went to work on a bird.

Former greengrocer and Masterchef judge Gregg Wallace is known for his blunt dismals of contestant's food - despite seemingly having no credentials to judge good food, other than selling bags of onions in Covent Garden - though even he looked terrified as Street-Porter gave him as much back.

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