Heidi Klum's children have to earn their treats.

The German supermodel has four kids - Leni, eight, Henry, seven, Johan, six, and three year-old Lou with estranged husband Seal - and while she admits to spoiling them on their birthdays and Christmas, she wants them to learn that if they don't behave they don't get to do nice things.

She said: ''They have to do chores. I'm a stickler about saying, 'please' and 'thank you'. But I'm sure I do spoil them - for Christmas or birthdays, they get lots of presents. Or they love going to Chuck E. Cheese's but they have to earn that.''

Heidi admits having four children can be hard work and when she takes them all out at once, chaos often ensues.

She told Britain's Hello! magazine: ''I'm a loving and organised mother. You have to be organised with four kids otherwise they gang up on you! When we go to the park they run in different directions. So it's like, 'Whoa, where's this one?' I'm constantly counting.''