Celebrity amputee Heather Mills is grateful her leg was completely ripped off in a horrific motorcycle accident - because there was no chance the limb could be re-attached. The former model and estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney lost her leg in 1993 and now uses different prosthetics for all manner of activities. And, after seeing how miserable her mother was after she too lost her leg in a traffic accident, Mills insists she's happy doctors couldn't "fix her". She says, "(My leg) was ripped out completely, so there was like spaghetti strings (hanging down) and they couldn't re-attach it, luckily. "My mother lost her leg at the same age as me in the same place, but they re-attached it... (Her leg) was hanging off by a piece of skin and they re-attached it and she died years later when she was 47 because of bad blood circulation. "Anyone that has their leg ripped off, tell them to keep it off... otherwise they shove it back on, you hobble around for six, seven years on crutches, in a wheelchair, and you go, 'Just take the bloomin' think off.'"