Heather Mills is constantly guarded when questioned about her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney - because the former model fears she will end up in jail if she reveals too much.
The couple separated in 2006 after four years of marriage, leading to an ugly public divorce battle.
The Beatles star was ordered to hand over $38.9 million (£24.3 million) of his fortune to Mills after their union was officially dissolved in 2008.
Mills was banned from talking about the divorce proceedings - and now she's constantly wary of what she says as a result.
She says, "The judge decided to put it in the judgment that I would be gagged for my whole life and that I would go to prison if I talked about it."
But the 42 year old is angry the ban was imposed - because she was unable to speak up when she read hurtful things about her in the media.
She adds, "I found that very unfair ­because of all the lies being said that I wasn't allowed to defend myself. And ­because of the vilification in the press, my career was ruined completely."