Heather Mills loves the freedom she is now enjoying since her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney.

The former model - who secured a £24.3 million pay out when she legally separated from the former Beatle in March 2008 - says her life has changed for the better since the high-profile split.

When asked how she is feeling, Heather replied: "I'm really having a great time, totally. Great freedom!"

Earlier this year, Heather - who has a five-year-old daughter, Beatrice, with Paul - claims she gets asked out "all the time".

The 41-year-old blonde - who lost her left leg below the knee when she was hit by a police motorcycle in 1993 - insists her friends are always astonished by the amount of attention she receives from the opposite sex.

Heather, who is reportedly dating her former personal trainer Jamie Walker, said: "I've got so many stunning girlfriends who can't get a boyfriend. But when I go out, I get asked out all the time, and my girlfriends - who are better looking than me - say, 'How the hell does that happen?!' Maybe it's because I'm comfortable with myself."