Late actor Heath Ledger was film bosses' first choice to play Spider-Man, according to the dead star's longtime agent.
In a U.S. magazine tribute to mark the first anniversary of Ledger's death (22Jan08), CAA agent Steve Alexander reveals Ledger was among those considered for the blockbuster role before Tobey Maguire stepped up to play the comic book web slinger.
Alexander tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "Sony asked me to come over and read the script for Spider-Man. It was going to be a really cool tentpole movie.
"But as soon as I said 'Spider-Man' Heath said, 'It's not for me. I would be taking someone else's dream away.'"
Maguire has gone on to taste blockbuster glory with three Spider-Man movies, while Ledger had to wait for his comic book moment - he played The Joker in Batman Begins sequel The Dark Knight, for which he won a Golden Globe last weekend (11Jan09).
He is hotly tipped to follow that with an Oscar next month (22Feb09).