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Latifah Almost Landed Monster's Ball Role

28th October 2004

QUEEN LATIFAH has revealed she almost stripped for the much-hyped love scene in MONSTER'S BALL - to make-out with ROBERT DE NIRO. The rapper-turned-actress was slated to play the lead in the acclaimed 2001...

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Ang Lee Clashes With Writer On Brokeback Set

17th October 2004

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN screenwriter LARRY McMURTRY has been banned from the set of the film after clashing with director ANG LEE. Taiwanese movie-maker Lee has made many changes to McMurtry's script about the relationship between...

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Miller Denies Law Engagement

7th October 2004

Rising star SIENNA MILLER has angrily lashed out at reports her actor boyfriend JUDE LAW proposed to her. The English beauty, 22, and her beau of one year (begsOCT03), were reported to have got...

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Emerson Lived In Ledger's Garage

4th October 2004

BRIDE AND PREJUDICE actor MARTIN HENDERSON was "so broke" when he first arrived in Hollywood - he had to sleep in friend HEATH LEDGER's garage. The New Zealand-born star, 29, formed a friendship with...

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Sony Agree To Pay Conned Moviegoers Back

3rd September 2004

SONY bosses have agreed to pay dissatisfied movie-goers up to $5 (GBP2.70) each after admitting one review of the studio's 2001 HEATH LEDGER film A KNIGHT'S TALE was bogus. The glowing review, credited to...

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Damon Hails Ledger As Next Great Film-maker

27th August 2004

Hollywood hunk MATT DAMON insists Australian actor HEATH LEDGER is the future STEVEN SPIELBERG. THE BOURNE SUPREMACY star, 33, says his co-star in the forthcoming BROTHERS GRIMM movie will make a "great director" one...

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Miller Loses Her Cleavage

27th August 2004

JUDE LAW's girlfriend SIENNA MILLER is so stressed out with the tolls of movie acting, she's beginning to lose her breasts. The British beauty, 22, who is currently working on romantic drama CASANOVA with...

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Ledger Spotted With Mystery Blonde

18th August 2004

Movie hunk HEATH LEDGER has been spotted enjoying the company of a mystery blonde in a trendy London nightclub. The A KNIGHT'S TALE actor, 25, who split with actress NAOMI WATTS earlier this...

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Naomi Watts Makes A New Monkey Friend

16th August 2004

MULHOLLAND DRIVE star NAOMI WATTS was thrilled when she appeared on comedian JAY LENO's chat show on Thursday (12AUG04) - because he gave her a monkey to play with. The England-born actress, who will...

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Naomi Watts' Tongue-twisting Skill

15th August 2004

21 GRAMS star NAOMI WATTS has an unusual skill she often shares with pals - she can flip her tongue upside down. The British-born beauty, ex-girlfriend of Australian hunk HEATH LEDGER, displayed her party...

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Altman's Editor Peroni In Suicide Mystery

9th August 2004

American film editor GERALDINE PERONI died at her New York home on Tuesday (03AUG04) after reportedly committing suicide. She was 51. The city's medical examiner's office ruled the movie maker - who frequently worked...

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Bana To Become Next Bond

1st August 2004

Australian actor ERIC BANA is set to be the next JAMES BOND - beating JUDE LAW, ORLANDO BLOOM and HEATH LEDGER to the part of the British spy. THE HULK star, 35, is still...

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Irons Joins Casanova Cast

29th July 2004

British actor JEREMY IRONS is joining HEATH LEDGER and JUDE LAW's girlfriend SIENNA MILLER in the upcoming period epic CASANOVA. Irons will play PUCCI in the movie about the famed seducer who meets his...

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Ellison Delighted To Star With Ledger

28th July 2004

British pop star JENNIFER ELLISON has beaten thousands of hopefuls to star alongside Hollywood hunk HEATH LEDGER in forthcoming remake THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE. The BABY I DON'T CARE singer - who previously starred in...

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Brosnan Retires From Bond

28th July 2004

Hollywood hunk PIERCE BROSNAN has finally retired from the role of movie spy JAMES BOND. The Irish actor hopes by admitting that 2002's DIE ANOTHER DAY was his last Bond film, the media...

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Sienna Wins $1 Million Film Role

20th July 2004

British beauty SIENNA MILLER will be paid a huge $1.8 million (GBP1 million) to star in HEATH LEDGER film CASANOVA - but she will have to face leaving lover JUDE LAW's side for several months....

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Gyllenhaal's Struggle With Gay Plot

10th June 2004

Actor JAKE GYLLENHAAL admits he's terrified of his upcoming onscreen gay kiss with HEATH LEDGER, because he has no idea how to fake homosexual intimacy. The hunky star is teaming up with Ledger in...

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Law's Girlfriend Bulks Up For Film Role

6th June 2004

JUDE LAW's girlfriend SIENNA MILLER is bulking up for her starring role opposite HEATH LEDGER in forthcoming movie CASANOVA. Miller - who is set to play the love interest in the $72 million (GBP40...

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Lee Anxious About Gyllenhaal And Ledger's Gay Kiss

2nd June 2004

HULK director ANG LEE could disappoint gay fans by cutting the homosexual kiss between hunky actors JAKE GYLLENHAAL and HEATH LEDGER from his latest film BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW star Gyllenhaal has...

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Jake Gyllenhaal's Unpleasant Same-sex Kiss

24th May 2004

THE GOOD GIRL star JAKE GYLLENHAAL's first man-on-man kissing scene proved to be an unsanitary experience - because his lips were left covered in dead skin. Gyllenhaal is currently shooting his role as HEATH...

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Gyllenhaal Infuriates Horse With Pig Noises

24th May 2004

Hollywood actor JAKE GYLLENHAAL is expecting an "awkward" time starring as a cowboy in the upcoming movie BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN - because he's scared of riding horses. The screen hunk had a terrible experience while...

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Gyllenhaal Hates His Big Head

23rd May 2004

Hollywood heart-throb JAKE GYLLENHAAL has a huge physical flaw he can do nothing to correct - an oversized head. The star of THE GOOD GIRL, currently dating actress KIRSTEN DUNST, admits his "abnormally-sized" head...

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Ledger And Watts Confirm Split

14th May 2004

Australian supercouple HEATH LEDGER and NAOMI WATTS have officially ended their turbulent on/off romance - and close friends blame the 10-year age gap between them for the split. The 21 GRAMS beauty's publicist EMMA...

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Gyllenhaal Comfortable With Gay Role

13th May 2004

Actor JAKE GYLLENHAAL's friends have been teasing him about his forthcoming homosexual role in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN - although the GOOD GIRL star insists he's very comfortable with his character. The Hollywood heart-throb admits some...

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Bana Says No To Bond

3rd May 2004

Australian star ERIC BANA has ruled himself out of the running to replace PIERCE BROSNAN as the next JAMES BOND. Along with fellow Antipodeans HUGH JACKMAN and HEATH LEDGER, Bana has been one of...

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Watts Slams Ledger Over Scarlett Flirtation

2nd May 2004

LATEST: OSCAR-nominee NAOMI WATTS reportedly called off her romance with HEATH LEDGER after becoming infuriated with his roving eye. The 21 GRAMS beauty, 35, was deeply embarrassed when, on a recent night out, Ledger...

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Gilliam And Weinstein Fall Out Over False Nose

30th April 2004

Hollywood director TERRY GILLIAM had a huge bust up with MIRAMAX boss HARVEY WEINSTEIN on the set of new movie THE BROTHERS GRIMM - over a prosthetic nose. FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS...

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Princess Diaries Star Will Play Gay Guy's Wife

16th April 2004

THE PRINCESS DIARIES actress ANNE HATHAWAY will be tackling a more adult role in her next film - she's signed up to play a naive housewife married to a gay sheepherder. The Hollywood...

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Ledger Tipped To Be 'Younger' Bond

11th April 2004

Australian movie hunk HEATH LEDGER has emerged as a new favourite to replace PIERCE BROSNAN as JAMES BOND. Earlier this week (begs5APR04) HUGH JACKMAN was tipped to be the new 007, after actor...

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Ledger Blasts Romance Attention

25th March 2004

Hollywood hunk HEATH LEDGER has blasted the media for relentlessly scrutinising his romance with A-list star NAOMI WATTS, citing the constant attention as the worst aspect of his job. The Australian NED KELLY actor...

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