Lena Dunham's new HBO series 'Girls' premieres on Sunday (April 15, 2012), with audiences already drawing comparisons with the hugely successful and long-running 'Sex and the City' after catching wind of the show's central premise. Dunham's new comedy drama will follow four women in New York, whose friendship is based round their lifestyles, relationships and sex, reports Reuters.

However, 'Girls' is being applauded for being a more realistic portrayal of young women than Sex and the City, though Dunham admits she is indebted to the classic comedy-drama, saying, "This show couldn't exist without 'Sex and the City', both for what it opened up for women on television and because these characters were raised on 'Sex and the City.What is similar is the constant struggle to define yourself, it is set in this urban jungle - if we want to call it that - and the strong relationships between women". Dunham - aged just 25 - says 'Girls' is based on exaggerated episodes of her own life, and some commentators are already branding her the voice of a generation. Continuing on the Sex and the City comparisons, Dunham explained, "What's different is that these characters are in a different phase in their life than those women were - and there is a tonal difference between 'Sex and the City" and this. 'Sex and the City' is a little more aspirational than this show is, but we definitely have a lot of love for it".

'Girls' also stars Christopher Abbott and Adam Driver, who also stars in Steven Spielberg's forthcoming 'Lincoln' biopic.