Actress Hayden Panettiere has spent the past month sleeping on a futon in the attic of her friends' house in Tennessee because she was unsure if her Tv show Nashville would be renewed for a second season.

The Heroes star relocated to the southern state last year (12) to film the U.S. drama series, in which she portrays a villainous country singer, and she rented a condominium in the same building as Grammy winner Taylor Swift.

However, she decided not to renew her lease to the apartment when it expired earlier this year (13) and instead move in with pals - as she had no idea if she would still have a job by the end of spring.

Luckily, bosses at ABC, the network behind Nashville, chose to renew the show on Friday (10May13), giving Panettiere the Ok to start househunting again.

And it seems this time it could be for good - the actress insists she would still like to set down roots in the country music mecca regardless of her series' future.

She tells New York Magazine, "Even if the show didn't go on, I would always want to have some sort of a base here."