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Christensen Laughs Off Gay Jibes

10th April 2005

STAR WARS heart-throb HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN laughs off gay rumours - but remains coy about his true sexuality. The Canadian actor, 23, is constantly plagued with homosexual jibes, but deliberately remains silent about his lovelife...

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Christensen Rises Above Criticism

20th March 2005

Actor HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN refuses to let critical reviews of his acting ruin his confidence, insisting he takes it all in his stride. The STAR WARS star, 23, never felt hurt when reviewers harshly rated...

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Christensen's Vader Suit Weighs Him Down

18th March 2005

Actor HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN bulked up to play STAR WARS villain DARTH VADER, but his expanded physique required no excessive gym routines. The svelte young star was provided with a muscle-bound suit and high-heeled shoes...

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Showest Honours Barrymore

12th March 2005

CHARLIE'S ANGELS star DREW BARRYMORE has become the latest celebrity named for honours at the upcoming SHOWEST convention. The actress and producer will receive the Distinguished Decade of Achievement in Film award at the...

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Star Wars Actors Reunited

5th January 2005

Actors HARRISON FORD, CARRIE FISHER, NATALIE PORTMAN and EWAN McGREGOR have teamed up with other stars of all six STAR WARS movies for a new VANITY FAIR photospread. The American magazine grouped together 22...

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Lucas Makes Star Wars Changes

21st September 2004

Perfectionist film-maker GEORGE LUCAS has made a few major changes in the original STAR WARS trilogy as he releases the films on DVD today (21SEP04). The sci-fi mogul tampered with the original Star Wars...

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Hayden Smartens Up For Louis Vuitton

23rd August 2004

HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN has swapped his futuristic STAR WARS cloak for a dapper suit in a series of new LOUIS VUITTON adverts. The handsome Canadian can be seen lounging on a bed with slicked-back hair,...

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Freaky Friday Star's Mistaken Identity

13th July 2004

FREAKY FRIDAY heart-throb CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY was so intent on not letting down a zealous HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN fan, he pretended to be the STAR WARS hunk. Murray admits that when a Christensen admirer mistook...

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Christensen Adds Producer To His Resume

7th July 2004

Hollywood star HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN is jumping onto the reality show trend by producing his own fly-on-the-wall cable programme. The STAR WARS heart-throb and his brother TOVE have teamed up with EMMY-winning documentary maker RJ...

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Hayden Christensen To Play Toyboy

3rd June 2004

STAR WARS star HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN is making a giant leap from his role in the sci-fi epic - by playing a toy boy lover in a British period drama. Christensen - whose character ANAKIN...

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Troy Star's Hygiene Is The Pitts

18th May 2004

Hollywood star BRAD PITT may scrub up well on the big screen - but in real-life he has been voted as the least hygienic star in the world. The TROY actor, 40, has...

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Vader Unmasked

20th April 2004

STAR WARS creator GEORGE LUCAS is giving fans a tantalising glimpse of the origins of cult character DARTH VADER in a new DVD collection. Prior to the release of the final Star Wars film,...

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Portman Reveals 'Awesome' Star Wars Scene

6th January 2004

NATALIE PORTMAN is hoping fans will be satisfied with the final STAR WARS film - because it contains some "awesome" action. Portman, who plays Queen PADME AMIDALA in the sci-fi prequel trilogy, admits...

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Another Cracking Christensen Christmas

22nd December 2003

STAR WARS star HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN always makes sure film contracts allow him to head home to Canada for the holidays, because he can't bear to be apart from his extended family at Christmas. The...

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Christensen Researched Glass Role Without Blessing

30th October 2003

STAR WARS heart-throb HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN hit a stumbling block when preparing for his movie role as STEPHEN GLASS - the shamed journalist refused to help him with his research. In the upcoming film SHATTERED...

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Hayden's Torment On Playing Lying Journalist

29th October 2003

STAR WARS actor HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN found it challenging playing shamed journalist STEPHEN GLASS, because he had to constantly lie. Christensen depicts the Washington DC journalist, who was discovered to have fabricated most of his...

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Hayden Hits Out At Shamed Journalist

27th October 2003

STAR WARS star HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN was stunned to discover the unscrupulous journalist he plays in new movie SHATTERED GLASS is still being paid to write. The actor plays STEPHEN GLASS, who was sacked as...

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Hayden's Australian Dreams

26th October 2003

HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN is planning to head back to Australia so he can explore the Outback and the Great Barrier Reef. The Canadian actor has spent years travelling back and forth to Sydney filming the...

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Christensen's Ping Pong Challenge

22nd October 2003

Movie star HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN insists on a table tennis table when he's on the set of a movie, so he can polish his skills in between takes. The STAR WARS star, who was a...

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Christensen Grabs Star Wars Memorabilia

17th October 2003

HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN made sure he didn't leave the set of the final STAR WARS movie empty handed - he swiped some mementos when EPISODE III finished shooting recently. The 22-year-old, whose character ANAKIN SKYWALKER...

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Hayden Clears Up Eviction Story

16th October 2003

STAR WARS actor HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN is laughing off reports he was evicted from his Hollywood home - the incident was a publicity stunt that went wrong. It had been reported last month (SEP03) that...

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Hayden Fights Back Over Unpaid Rent Allegations

11th September 2003

HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN has hit back at reports he has been left homeless due to unpaid bills, claiming he and his brother were evicted from their Hollywood home because they wouldn't comply with their landlord's wishes....

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Hayden Forced Out Of Hollywood Home

5th September 2003

STAR WARS star HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN and his brother are being turfed out of their Hollywood Hills home after failing to pay their rent on time. Landlord VINCE LOCALIO has served Hayden and TOVE eviction...

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Christensen Given Room To Develop Anakin Skywalker

25th August 2003

STAR WARS actor HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN has been given the opportunity to make his own mark on legendary character ANAKIN SKYWALKER. The hunky star, who was given a critical slamming after his work in the...

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Star Wars Iii: Attack Of The Mullets

9th July 2003

STAR WARS movie-maker GEORGE LUCAS is insisting all the characters in the new sci-fi sequel sport shaggy seventies-style haircuts - so they look like the stars of the original films. STARS WARS: EPISODE 3...

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Christensen Prepares To Join The Dark Side

8th June 2003

LATEST: STAR WARS star HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN has been working out in preparation for his role in the next installment of the sci-fi franchise intensifying speculation he will play DARTH VADER. The VIRGIN SUICIDES actor...

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Mcgregor's Star Wars Blissful Ignorance

27th May 2003

EWAN McGREGOR is looking forward to watching the final STAR WARS prequel - because he'll finally know what the movie's about. The Scottish actor, who has been an outspoken critic of the computer-generated emphasis...

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To Be Vader Or Not To Be Vader

28th April 2003

STAR WARS creator GEORGE LUCAS is leaving fans in the dark as to whether DARTH VADER will feature at the end of EPISODE THREE. The bearded filmmaker has refused to reveal how the third...

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Madonna And Guy Clean Up At Razzies

23rd March 2003

Husband and wife team MADONNA and GUY RITCHIE have cleaned up at this years GOLDEN RASPBERRY awards - their movie SWEPT AWAY scooped five spoof gongs. BRITNEY SPEARS and STAR WARS were also big...

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