Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein made Oscars night very special for four New Yorkers who lost their father during a robbery - he took them as his guests.
The Artist producer had already treated hero Peter Figoski's daughters to a day at the Super Bowl at the beginning of February (12), where they posed for photos with Madonna - and he decided to end the month in style too by taking them to the Academy Awards on Sunday (26Feb12).
Weinstein says, "(Their father) was the most decorated policeman in New York City and on his off day there was a robbery that broke out in Brooklyn and he avoided the robbery, he saved all these people but he was shot and killed by one of the assailants.
"(His girls) had never been on an aeroplane before and I took them with my daughters and we went and watched the Super Bowl and they said, 'Let's take them to the Oscars too'.
"Meryl Streep was more concerned about those kids than she was about winning."